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Nature and Nurture

I’m almost finished with a book called the Sports Gene by David Epstein…..I had the opportunity to read it on my way home from the NYC Marathon. It was the perfect time to read such an interesting book!

The book focuses on whether talented athletes are born with their talent or if they arrive at greatness through hard work and practice.

Understanding Blood Sugar and Health

Recently my clients and I were talking about doing a 30-day "no sugar, no alcohol" regimen to help control our blood sugar levels. I found this amazing TED talk online. You should take 15 minutes to listen--the premise is fascinating.

What Peter Attia is suggesting is that maybe high blood sugar and hormonal imbalances create the propensity for diabetes which then results in obesity, and not the other way around.

Katelyn’s Story

Today I am finally ready to tell you the story of my client and friend Katelyn. She is embarking on her first year of college this fall at Claremont McKenna, and where she will continue her soccer career.

She came to me as a scrappy, enthusiastic, strong and compassionate 13 year old playing forward for the Blue Cats, a mediocre select soccer team.