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Building a GLOBAL Fitness Community One Woman at a Time

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Kirchoff Fitness offers global, fitness adventure trips that will challenge your body, invigorate your soul, and open your mind to new cultures and environments. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Join us now!

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Benefits of Fitness Adventure Travel:

  • Training the Body
  • Building Awareness of Other Cultures
  • Building Community - traveling in a group of women and also connecting with communities we visit through service or gathering. Laughing a lot
  • Nutrition- Experiencing the way other cultures nourish their bodies, learn new ways to eat and prepare food
  • Decrease Stress- Taking time away from work, Laughing a lot, ENJOY
  • Training the Mind- Pushing one's mind and body out of the comfort zone
  • Learning history and culture of others

Kirchoff Fitness’s trip packages includes:

  • Fitness Training Plan and guidance for trip
  • In-depth class and seminars about our destination
  • Guest speakers knowledgeable on the country’s local cultures and activities
  • Kirchoff Fitness Tour Leader

Join us for a fun-filled, fitness adventure in Bhutan!

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Kirchoff Fitness is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is committed to keeping travelers informed as the situation develops. This includes following the latest information from the U.S. State Department, CDC, and WHO and staying in constant contact with local tour operators.

Because Bhutan has closed it's doors for 14 days minimum beginning 3/5/20 will plan to change date for our Bhutan adventure to September 25 - October 8 2020.

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