Training with Chris has helped me stay in peak shape and come back faster from injury

Training with Chris has helped me stay in peak shape and come back faster from injury.

I have worked with Chris Kirchoff for a few years to help my strength, endurance and tone for ballet. I have danced professionally for the Pacific Northwest Ballet for the past 14 years. Chris also helped me through my first major injury to my left ankle, which required surgery. Training with Chris has helped me stay in peak shape and come back faster from injury. Thanks

Senior Corps de Ballet

Ari Santander

After years of doing other diets I no longer worry about counting calories. Kirchoff Fitness Nutrition coaching helped me to dig deep and challenged me to change behaviors that weren't working for me. I feel stronger, healthier and more lucid then I ever have.

Katelyn Faust

I’m so glad that Chris has been a part of my life these past 6 years!

I would recommend training with Chris to anyone. Not only is she a fantastic fitness trainer, she has been a great mentor and friend as I’ve matured emotionally and athletically. She is always positive, supportive, and genuinely cares about all of her clients.

I initially worked with Chris to improve my soccer skills and overall fitness when I was in middle school. As I got older and began to play much more competitively, and Chris helped me set goals for speed, strength, and injury prevention specifically for soccer. As a result, I have seen a dramatic change in my game. Chris has helped me to achieve my goal to play collegiate soccer.

Scott Woodward

Chris has designed a program that maximizes our sessions

Chris understands the time constraints I am under, and has designed a program that maximizes our sessions. Her high-energy workouts and enthusiasm are very motivating; working with her has improved my flexibility, strength, and stamina. I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to make the commitment to being fit.

Val Gorder

Not only do I work with Chris, but she has also trained with all three of my kids, my husband, brother, and my mother!

Not only do I work with Chris, but she has also trained with all three of my kids (ages 18-25), my husband, brother, and my 77 year-old mother!

You can see that our family loves Chris and more importantly she knows how to gear a workout to fit a person’s needs. Personally, I enjoy the diverse workout’s that Chris offers each week. Not only does she keep me interested by varying the workouts, but always targets different areas and muscles. Chris motivates me through encouragement, but she also leads by example. Chris is a unique trainer who has kept me interested in my personal fitness and keeps me excited to stay healthy and fit.

Steven Gottleib

I feel stronger and leaner. Pull-ups have never been easier!

Chris came highly recommended to me, and she hasn’t disappointed! She first checked in on my goals and then designed multiple sets of exercises for me. The workouts are never boring and Chris always pushes me to the limit.

Myra Faust

Chris has been my tireless cheerleader

I found Chris Kirchoff on the Internet looking for a soccer trainer for my 12-year-old daughter. Chris ended up providing exceptional counseling and guidance as well as physical training for my daughter. Along the way I was inspired to exercise with Chris, and have been working out with her twice a week for two years.

Besides for having fun, my two years of training have transformed my overall outlook and physical energy level. I’m fit, sleeping better, in a better mood, and enjoying life more. Through it all Chris has been my tireless cheerleader, as well as a skillful advisor about getting fit after 50 without injury and minimal trauma. She’s the best!

Greg Gorder

You feel like you are getting healthier, not just stronger

My wife, Val, introduced me to Chris–as a Valentine’s Day gift. Though I had been a runner for over a decade, we had moved away from my running partner and my willpower had evaporated. Working with Chris is not like any training that I have had before. We do our workouts outside in the fresh air. When you work out with Chris, you feel like you are getting healthier, not just stronger or faster. Chris is always upbeat, always pushes me harder than I would work out on my own, but never makes me feel as though I have failed. And after a workout, you feel great for the rest of the day.

Roselle Pekellis

I have lost 10 pounds, am stronger, straighter and happier than I was at 50, and yet I am pushing 75!

I had been promising myself I would finally “get back in shape” for too many years to count! Then I met Chris Kirchoff. In my case she understood exactly what I needed and was able to provide individualized training. Chris has been superb at relating to me in a way that not only reinforced my progress but she has motivated and also inspired me. She is tough, but positive and she expects the most from me and thus I want to be my best. I have lost 10 pounds, am stronger, straighter and happier than I was at 50, and yet I am pushing 75! Thanks, Chris – you are my guru!!

You would be insane not to hire her!

You would be insane not to hire her!

I lost 20 pounds and got a lot stronger working out with Chris. If you are thinking about a personal trainer, you would be insane not to hire her. She is tough without being mean. She helps you achieve your goals without being the least bit judgmental. I could not recommend her more highly.

Kirsten Anderson

Kirchoff Fitness' online nutrition program provided me the framework to make better decisions, without always feeling restricted. I felt a sense of freedom and more in control of my nutrition, in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Ari Santander

Boot camp has changed my life – for the better. I love the person I’ve become.

Before Boot camp, I struggled with weight, could not run, or even walk very far. I had 50 extra pounds on my frame and I looked years older. I am now an active person and love to run, hike, bike, skate, and swim. Boot camp works because of the great coach and the great ladies that come to class. Chris has the ability to work all different levels of fitness, and she also does a great job of helping you set realistic goals–not just about exercise–but also about nutrition and long term fitness. For a gal whose doc told her she’d never run again 5 years ago, I’ve managed to run 5 half marathon’s in the last year and a half. I highly recommend it!

Kathleen Galloway

Even when I’m working out alone I can hear Chris in my head urging me on to do more than I thought I could.

In 2010, at 54 years of age, I was overweight with high blood pressure. I realized that without some kind of intervention I was heading down the road to premature aging and big time health problems. I found a write-up on Chris’s boot camp in a local women’s magazine and thought, “Wow, exercise outside, early in the morning at Golden Gardens, what’s not to like?” Well, I’m 25 pounds lighter, off of my blood pressure medicine, and I completed my first triathlon this summer! I love Chris and all the women at boot camp. They are always supportive and motivating. In all areas of my life Chris’s motto, “We Can Do This” reverberates helping me overcome doubt and fear.

Alison Cushman

I know after completing a workout at 5:30 in the morning, I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

Growing up, I was always active and playing sports; but once I graduated college and didn’t participate in organized sports, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. So, after a couple of years of doing nothing, I realized I was unhealthy, unhappy, and desperate to get back in the game. Chris’s boot camp helped me remember how much I love being active and competitive. Boot camp has become a constant in my life that actually makes my days better, and I get more out of it than just the physical benefits. Chris provides the perfect blend of motivation and tough love to keep me going even when I don’t think I can. She has helped me prepare for 2 half marathons and my first marathon this year–something I would have never had the confidence to do without her.

Teresa Tenant

I like the changes in our workout environment – both indoors and outdoors, with beautiful views around the city and all different locations.

I was working out on my own at a local gym, but was tired of doing the same old things in my routine. I am not a morning person so I didn’t know how I would get up at 5 every day to start boot camp at 5:30, but I have been coming for 2 1/2 years now, and I love having my workout for the day done by 6:30am! I have a lot more strength and endurance than when I started and have also maintained a weight loss of 30lbs. Chris is always upbeat and positive during each session, and I have met a wonderful group of inspirational women who encourage each other to reach our goals. I have been challenged by a diagnosis of arthritis since I first joined and was told to stop any high impact exercise. Fortunately, this did not mean an end to boot camp. Chris always suggests alternative exercises so that any limitations can be worked around. She also makes herself available between each camp for one-on-one review of goals and progress and welcomes us to email her whenever we may have questions or concerns. I walked my first half marathon last year! I would not hesitate to recommend Seattle’s Best Boot Camp with the Kirchoff Fitness team to any of my friends!

Laura Dorsey

Working out with a bunch of women and being guided/pushed to do more than I would on my own is awesome.

I have made great friends – and studies show that women are more likely to exercise if it’s a social thing. Chris is really interested in my health and fitness. It is a huge help to get guidance and reminder about the correct way to lift weights or do the exercises so I get the intended benefit. I have better balance (and did not even realize my balance was starting to slip, something that starts in the 40s), strength, less fat and getter fitness.

Jennifer Dobbelaere

I will continue to brag about Chris to anyone, and refer her to anyone who needs a lifestyle change, a little variety in their exercise routine, or just wants to a great start to their day!

I have always led an active lifestyle by being in the outdoors and playing sports. After having two kids working full time, I found very little time for myself. I needed something that would make exercise a priority and fit in my schedule, and working out at 5:30am was the only way. I’ve been with Chris in her boot camp classes for almost 5 years, and she’s fantastic! I continue to be motivated to come to class because she makes exercise fun. With her knowledge and creativity, we’re always trying out new exercises that work out a variety of muscles, while she weaves in some friendly competition to make us work harder. Our mind and bodies never know what to expect. Before I realize it, the workout is over and the next day, I feel a different muscle is sore –signs of a great workout! Also, Chris has also been extremely helpful in the recovery of my IT band injury–such that I could run another marathon after 11 years, and I hit a personal record of under 4 hours.