Cardio-up your lifestyle!


There’s a growing trend for the powerful effects of high intensity interval training, or HIIT, as it’s known, which generates not just cardio and aerobic power but the full force of anaerobic training too. However, there’s no reason why you have to go full pelt or do nothing. Aerobic exercise is about moderate exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it up. It’s less about short, intense bursts and more about activities where you can keep on going but still bring in an aerobic, cardio boost.

Take a few minutes to look at your lifestyle and analyze how active you are. Do you dedicate time to fitness or rely on leading an active lifestyle only? Do you concentrate on strength training and stretching but rarely work up a light sweat? Could you do with an injection of energy and heart-rate raising activity? If you’re already committed to cardio workouts is this something you enjoy or would you like to make some energetic changes to exercise in a different way?

Write down how much cardio you do, where and when. Be honest and take a realistic look at what you do. If you feel that your activities are lacking then cardio-up your life and your lifestyle! Here’s a few ideas how:

Aerobic classes: No, these don’t have to be classic jumping-around style aerobics that was so popular in the 80s. If you think this is the case then that just proves that you’re way behind on the modern-day fitness loop. There are lots of classes to take which will challenge you with quality cardiovascular exercises. Open your mind up to doing something you’ve never tried before.

Cardio equipment & exercises: If you’re not sure which fitness equipment and what exercises can bring on a cardio burn then you’re not alone. To work out at a cardio level you need to be going at between 60-85% of your maximum heart rate. We can help you work out what your maximum heart rate. Classic cardio equipment includes bikes, ellipticals and rowing machines.

Swimming: As well as your regular exercise routine, swimming can be a really great, enjoyable add-on. You don’t need long in the water to really feel your muscles working and your heart rate rising. It’s great for some focused alone time too or even as a family activity. Another major advantage of swimming is that it’s low impact too, reducing the risk of injury.

Walking: People drive everywhere these days? Think about times when you can leave the car in ‘Park’ and stroll instead. Do you need to motor up to the local convenience store? It might come as a surprise but walking can count as a cardio exercise and is a great way to add activity into your everyday life, away from more focused working out. Go for a country walk or hike at the weekend with a special someone, friends or family.

Dancing: When was the last time you had a really good boogie? It’s energizing and exhilarating and you get an instant adrenaline hit. If your first excuse is that you don’t want to hit the clubs then become your own private dancer and turn up the tunes at home and freestyle moves with gusto when the mood takes you.

Youngsters: How many times have you heard that children keep you young? Of course, there’s an argument that they can age you too, of course! Kids are naturally aerobic. They run, skip and hop through life and rather than sitting on the sidelines there’s nothing stopping you joining in now and again and getting your heart pumping, while your adult stresses are chased away.

Social Activities: The latest way to connect and keep up with friends is to workout together. Organize some group activities, alongside your solitary exercise time, so that you can get your heart going without the activity itself being the main focus. Often being able to chat while you’re on the move or listen to some great music takes your mind off the fact that you’re working out.

Functional Training: Being able to perform activities that you do each day is vital to quality of life. Training that ensures you have good mobility and flexibility can help you carry out everyday tasks more easily. While you’re going about your day look at ways you can add in an extra exercise element, such as adding weights with tinned groceries. What do you do often that could be tweaked to become a cardio exercise?

Want to give yourself an injection of cardio power? We can get you moving in the right direction!