Ari’s Transformation

Ari’s Transformation

I wanted to share an inspirational and transformative story with you. Last week Ari Santander received her 50lb weight loss star from Weight Watchers. Ari has lost 65 pounds since committing herself to a healthy diet and joining Seattle’s Best Boot Camp 5 years ago.

I remember the first day I met Ari, when she came to do her assessment. Understandably she was a little nervous about Seattle Best Boot Camp and whether she would be able to do it because had been battling so many injuries. Well five years and MANY events later (5k, 10k, half marathons, sprint and Olympic triathlons, 1 mile swim, and of course boot camp 3x per week) she is now in the best shape of her life and continues to inspire everyone she meets to do better and keep on trying. When asked, what advice she would give to those who are struggling with their health and fitness goals she said, ”When you fall off the horse…just get right back on. If you feel like you are struggling and have a bad day, don’t throw in the towel or sabotage yourself. Keep working at it.” Great advice, isn’t it?

As one of her coaches, I know that her hard work and her commitment to doing better is a big part of her success. However, she would say that her team (community) is a HUGE part of it too- family, workout partners, friends, coaches, chiropractors, massage therapist, etc...

So congratulations Ari and my question for each of you is; who is on your team?

Find them and get going!



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