A Tribute to RU

A Tribute to RU

I wanted to post a special note to say thank you and good bye to a great friend and longtime boot camper, Rebecca Uusitalo (RU).  Sadly RU will be moving over to the Eastside and out of boot camp range and we will miss her dearly.   One of the great joys of my job is having the opportunity to work with truly amazing people…..I think anyone who has ever taken my boot camp class would agree that RU is one of those special people.

It was on  May 2, 2008  when RU came in for her first boot camp assessment (5 years ago!)  Since that day I have seen her climb thousands of stairs, lift countless reps of weights, finish tons of running events…. and become physically stronger and healthier with every passing year.

Rebecca is a woman who continues to exemplify the true meaning of embracing personal growth.  We have witnessed her finding true love (hot Neal!), seen her overcome obstacles, deal with terrible and sudden loss, embrace change, work incredibly hard…all while finding  the time to help others.

However, I believe one of RU’s finest qualities is her ability to be present.  There is a Zen Buddhist saying “Ichi-go ichi-e “(Japanese) and translates to “One Chance, One Encounter” meaning that each moment is a once in a life time experience…..once the present moment passes it shall never return.

Anyone who takes pictures of the garden during suicide sprints (and maintains pace of course!), tells me to look up so I can see the constellation Orion during stretching, or comments on how running up hills at volunteer park on a 37 degree day at the crack is a “great start” to her day …..is someone who is fully absorbed in what she is doing.

I want to thank RU for being present for so many 5:30am workouts, races, hill sprints, planks and post work out coffees.  Your compassion, zest, strength and love for life will stick with this group for a very long time.  We wish you much joy and happiness and don’t think we won’t be dropping by Sammamish to do some hill sprints with you soon!


RU at Golden Gardens laser focused on her Charlie's Angels lunges

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