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Get Fit while you travel the world with Kirchoff Fitness!!

“Wheresoever you go – go with all your heart” – Confucius

At Kirchoff Fitness, we believe that exercise can span the globe. And if you’ve always wanted to take a fitness adventure trip, we are thrilled to offer adventure travels that will rock your world—inside and out.

Kirchoff Fitness Adventures provide a once in a lifetime experience in global travel, which will challenge your body as well as open your mind and soul to other cultures and terrains. We also tie in philanthropy by bringing valuable resources and support to an in-market nonprofit.

For each trip package, we offer:

  • A three- to six-month training plan, in group and individual settings
  • Training available for all fitness levels
  • In-depth classes and seminars on the country and areas we’ll be visiting
  • Guest speakers with knowledge of the country’s culture and the adventure activities

Where in the world are we going next?

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We are going to Kilimanjaro! Join us!

Kirchoff Fitness will be teaming up with Ria of Barking Zebra Adventures, to bring you a true adventure of a lifetime. Our climb of Kilimanjaro ascends the challenging and breathtaking Machame Route. The great advantage of choosing the Machame Route is the initial 2-day steep ascent that eases the altitude stress in the following days. The support of local porters allows our team to carry only light packs letting us focus on the experience of climbing Africa’s tallest peak.

Hike 7 days through spectacular landscapes through various temperate zones with sweeping provides views across the Maasai Steepe, Mount Meru, the majestic Barranco Valley and a variety of habitats. The trail starts from the southern base of Kilimanjaro and enjoys some of the finest forest and moorland scenery on the mountain. The descent path for this route is the Mweka Route.

Following the Kilimanjaro Climb we return to Arusha to meet with a local women’s group who works to empower women/girls through education and economic empowerment. We will have a unique opportunity experience Tanzanian culture while connecting with other women from Arusha.

Then we will embark on a safari to Tanzania’s famous National Parks where we witness one of the greatest wildlife spectacles found anywhere on earth.



Croatia: Istria - SOLD OUT!
A Multisport Adventure paired with wine and fresh food! September 2017

Kirchoff Adventure Fitness Travel is heading out on a unique opportunity to visit Croatia's largest peninsula and hidden gem - Istria. A dazzling mosaic of tiny coves and beautiful islands makes up the coast of Croatia. We’ve created a hiking, biking, kayaking journey that brings you to legendary wine growing regions, medieval hilltop towns, olive groves all along the warm and sunny shores of the northern part of the Adriatic.

This adventure and fitness experience has been crafted using only local guides so you can experience Croatia in a truly authentic way. During our adventure, we’ll discover not only Croatia’s beautiful countryside and coast but also, it’s delicious delicacies. We are staying at a family run villa where fresh, local food is prepared for us daily. Along the way we’ll sip wine from local vineyards and participate in a cooking class.

Vietnam February 2017

Kirchoff Fitness Adventures teamed up with Zoom Zoom Travel and Buffalo Travel, both local Vietnamese adventure travel specialists. We took our group off the beaten path, while providing an opportunity to trek in rural Northern Vietnam, cruise Halong Bay, and cycle along the amazing Mekog River.

We had the opportunity to support local businesses and give back to the community by spending time with the garden project recipients of Quang Tri in central Vietnam with Peace Trees Vietnam.

Learn more about our trip here.

PERU October 2016

Kirchoff Fitness Adventures provides a once in a lifetime experience in global travel which will not only challenge your body, but open you mind and souls to other cultures.

Kirchoff Fitness teamed up with Kuoda Travel, a local Peruvian travel company, to take our group off the beaten path, while providing an opportunity to see the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu. We also had the opportunity to support local businesses and give back to the community by spending time with the scholarship recipients of Peruvian Hearts.

Learn more about our trip here.

Nepal October 2015

Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, with reports of significant loss of life, injuries, and destroyed villages just before we left. It went without saying that our trip took on a new meaning, as the people of Nepal and the village of Sibuje needed us more than ever. We were committed to fundraising for the village and helping in any way that we could.

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