Well with our second week of Seattle's Best Boot Camp under way our theme for this boot camp has been CHALLENGE!  Each week we will have a new fitness task adding to the previous week's challenge.  Last week everyone seemed to do well with their 60 oz minimum of PURE WATER per day....I here there have been frequent visits to the toilet:)

The Week 2 Challenge is a core challenge.  This week you will do 500 Single Leg Up Temple Crunches (500 total not on each side)  You can break it up however you would like....e.g. 100 per day for 5 days.  The second part of this challenge is that I NEED PROOF! Post a video or picture to the Kirchoff Fitness Facebook Page.  The most creative picture will win a prize! Get your spouses, co-workers, friends and neighbors to join in on the fun! BTW we did Single Leg Up Temple Crunches in class today after our hill sprints and Partner Tabata. If you weren't in class today you missed out!

Single Leg Up Temple Crunches-

Lie Face up on a mat.  Straighten your left leg and bring that leg 6 inches of the ground.  Draw your right leg in toward your chest.  Put hands on temples and keep your chin away from your chest and look straight up at the ceiling.  Engage your core through the entire movement and crunch straight up.  Come slowly down with out coming down on your shoulder.  Repeat 10-25x and switch legs.

Have Fun with these:)  Stay tuned for next week's challenge.

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