Ok, everyone Spring Training is underway.....today was the first day of our 4 week session of Seattle's Best Boot Camp.  We will be having a different challenge each week.....our first challenge is to get a minimum of 60 0z (approximately 8 8 oz glasses) of water daily for 7 days.....If you already do this bump it up to 80 oz.  I'm challenging my boot campers to drink WATER not a sports drink, or spirits.....just plain old water!!!  WE CAN DO THIS.....the key is to have a water bottle or  a cup of water at your desk or with you at all times!  Try to drink consistently during the day.  For more information about the health benefits of water check out this article from the Mayo Clinic .  If you are training for a specific endurance event and you are working for longer than 90 min you should be drinking a sports drink with electrolytes and taking in more fluids......how much depends on how much you sweat etc.

Stay tuned for next week's challenge!

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