A Balancing Act

Well I admit it has been a while since my last post….needless to say, I have had my hands full!  Never too full to talk about fitness, thoughJ

As many of you know I am in Kathmandu, Nepal and have been here since 11/22….I am adopting a 14 month baby girl, named Orion (aka Baby O!)  I have been busy preparing for this trip, the adoption process, reading parenting books, researching the importance of attachment with adopted children, etc…

Since I have been here I have tried to stay as active as possible…..but I have to say this whole ‘having a baby’ deal has really given me a new perspective on being a new mom, caring for an infant and balancing my own health and well being.

And now that I am in  a third world country, cutting carrots with a butter knife,  dealing with rolling blackouts, living with limited heat, risking our lives by crossing the street, getting up multiple times in the night trying to figure out what this child wants (is she hungry,  wet, teething, scared?)   I have, been spending hours boiling and mashing up vegetables and preparing clean food because of the amount of time it takes to do everything here, then trying to go to a restaurant only to be ‘that family” that has rice, vegetables, chewed up sugar packets, silverware and a puddle of something wet under their table.  I used to avoid “that family, and now I am one!”

So how have I managed to ‘stay fit?  Well I have to admit I am not working a full time job here so I am lucky to have some transition time.  But like any other new mom, I find myself exhausted.

The biggest change in my attitude has been trying to remain flexible.  In Nepal I don’t have my SUV, Whole Foods, a house cleaner, water and electricity.   So just living here makes you stay very active! I walk as much as possible carrying 20 extra lbs of baby strapped to my chest.  I try to get in 4-5 strength/ running workouts a week in addition to walking.  Because I have limited time I workout in my home, just outside or downstairs in he gym.

2011 is going to be a life changing year…..it is my personal challenge to stay balanced and healthy so I can continue to help my clients work toward their goals.



Shoulder Press with baby O

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