Week 3 Challenge

I am writing to you from Denver Colorado….where we are watching the Women’s Final Four Basketball Tournament!  Did I mention that we were on TV (only because we sat in front of Condoleezza Rice….I thought maybe it was my bright yellow shirt and my sunny personality). That doesn’t mean I am not thinking about your fitness!!!!  Are you ready for the WEEK 3 CHALLENGE??

In week 3 our challenge is to get 5 cups of Veggies and Fruits per day-

Preferably 3 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruits.


Ok, everyone Spring Training is underway.....today was the first day of our 4 week session of Seattle's Best Boot Camp.  We will be having a different challenge each week.....our first challenge is to get a minimum of 60 0z (approximately 8 8 oz glasses) of water daily for 7 days.

Nuts vs Potatoes!

Now that Summer is officially here it is time to hit the farmer's markets for some healthy snacks!!  My neighborhood market, the  Wallingford Farmer's Market is awesome!   I came across an interesting article in the Washington Post about a Harvard Study which details foods that keep weight off and foods that cause weight gain over time.