Confused by Carbs?

Oh those carbs….they sure have gotten a bad rap over the last decade!  I remember the good old days when ‘white rice’ (which happens to be my people’s food and the bad mouthing of it would make my Japanese grandma roll over in her grave) was a not a bad word.  What about bread and pasta?…..Yikes more bad words!

I don’t know about you, but I am confused and need to fuel my body efficiently for my training.  So for those of you who are training for running events, triathlons, parenthood, roller derby, boot camp, cycling, and skiing how should you fuel your body?  What if you are trying to keep your body fat down, stay strong and eat healthy?  What do you eat?

If you are thinking about eating a carbo-free diet to get strong and lean….think again.

I came across an article by sports nutritionist Nancy Clark.  Check it out

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