Meet Dorothy

After the unexpected loss of her husband, Dorothy Mitchel was left with a tremendous amount of grief and two kids to care for. She made the powerful choice to step up for her family and for herself, and through Precision Nutrition Coaching, the 62 year-old has discovered that fitness could be one of her greatest allies in coping with loss.

Hara Hachi Bu

In 2004 researchers studied the blue zones around the world where there were the most centenarians. Okinawa is one of those places. How do people live to 100? Well there are many factors but one is the notion of hara hachi bu. Which translates to eat until you are 80% full.

Nature and Nurture

I’m almost finished with a book called the Sports Gene by David Epstein…..I had the opportunity to read it on my way home from the NYC Marathon. It was the perfect time to read such an interesting book!

The book focuses on whether talented athletes are born with their talent or if they arrive at greatness through hard work and practice.