What I Learned

Chris in BostonWell, it has been just 3 weeks since I completed the Boston Marathon, and it seems like just yesterday.  What fun!  Believe it or not I am just now feeling ‘normal’.  In 2008 I decided to set a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon…setting goals helps me stay disciplined, focused, and challenged.  If there is one thing I enjoy, it is a good challenge!

Hard work is key

In the past, I have tried training for marathons but found myself riddled with injury and unable to complete the training. (Being a soccer player I actually thought it was weird to run without a ball). After my knee reconstruction, many told me that distance running might not be the best thing for me.  Bull I said….

After 4 months of training, with a slightly battered body, I missed my qualifying time by less than a minute.  I thought to myself “I can knock 51 seconds off!” So I got back on the horse and tried one last time at the Portland Marathon.  At last, I did – Boston here I come.

People are good

There was an amazing community of runners in Boston and I was amazed that the entire city shut down to cheer everyone on.  In many ways those around me supporting my every step resembled the amazing community of family, friends, and clients I have in my life.  Appreciate the community around you, because you would be nowhere without them.

There are harder hills ahead

What is so hard about Boston is mile series 17-21, an accumulation of 4 hills - the last one affectionately known as “heart break hill.”  In my mind I knew the hills were coming as my legs began to burn, but I vowed to keep my pace no matter what.  Life is hard and with perseverance you will find our way no matter how hilly the course.

A Zen Experience

This experience has been more than just piling on miles or working out.  There has been a bigger reward…where the mind and body connect.  Find your bigger reward

Have fun

Trying not to take myself too seriously, along the way I found myself high-fiving a Wellesley student, getting some lemonade from a toddler, and afterwards laughing at the fact that I had to use the handicap railings to use the toilet. Enjoy the experience.


  1. good job Chris! inspiring! 🙂

    PS: to keep from “hovering” in portapotties check this out: http://www.go-girl.com 🙂 you won’t ever have to use the rails to pee again haha!

  2. Thanks, Christine! You will be there in no time….looking forward to cheering you on:) Chris

  3. Congrats Chris on an amazing run! I’m hoping I’m finally on track for qualifying for Boston at some point and you inspire me!! So awesome! 🙂

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