Yes, that is the Week 4 Challenge!!!  If you do 10 sets of the Capitol Hill Stairs on 10th AVE E and E Blaine St that would be 2930.....you'd be more than half way there!!!

Seriously, Seattle is the stair city.....they are everywhere.....Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Ravenna, Lake Washington, Leschi, UW, your house, your office building, school, your Reebok Step.

The Race

A lot has happened since returning from my trip abroad while adopting my daughter….I am finally back in a rhythm….feeling healthier and stronger after coming back from 3 months of living in Nepal.

My daughter Orion is the joy of my life, a chip off the old block.

What I Learned

Well, it has been just 3 weeks since I completed the Boston Marathon, and it seems like just yesterday.  What fun!  Believe it or not I am just now feeling ‘normal’.  In 2008 I decided to set a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon…setting goals helps me stay disciplined, focused, and challenged.

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Crossing the Finish Line

For those of you who have done camp before, I appreciate your dedication to come and work hard on ‘Assessment Friday”. It is not easy to do on a cold day like it was but it makes us stronger.   For those of you who are new to camp or have been gone for a while it will be awesome to see your improvements week 3 ‘Assessment Friday’.

This was a great first week of camp.