The Race

A lot has happened since returning from my trip abroad while adopting my daughter….I am finally back in a rhythm….feeling healthier and stronger after coming back from 3 months of living in Nepal.

My daughter Orion is the joy of my life, a chip off the old block. She loves the foam roller, walking up the stairs and a little baby yoga.  Some of the many things we have in commonJ  She is the best thing that has ever happened to our family!!!  The 3 months in Nepal and nearly 3 years of waiting for her were more than worth it.

My Ironman is 3 months away and I am doing my best to balance family/work/ and training. The more I train the more I have realized that the ironman is a great metaphor for life…..I have had good training days and many hard ones. How will I know if I don’t try?  And then there is a fear of the unknown. (What will it be like to start swimming with people kicking me? What will the ride up a mountain pass feel like?  Will I actually be able to run?)

I do know one thing....... I will get out of the ironman what I put into it. The days of  hard work, swimming in the freezing water, running and riding in the cold rain will pay off.  Just as difficult situations in life teach us invaluable lessons…

I want to thank all of my clients and my family for all of your support through the last year!

Here is a great example of persevering through hardship……. The Race

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