Next Boot Camp Starts Monday, 12/6/10!

Here is some information regarding our next camp beginning on Monday, December 6, 2010. Remember that this  is a SPECIAL 2 Week /5 Day Intensive indoor/outdoor camp!

Camper Checklist & Directions

Eat breakfast!!
Dress in layers (Be ready for outdoor and indoor workouts)
Bring water bottle
Small towel
Foam mat or Yoga mat
Pair of dumbbells (3# to 8#)
In winter (when it's dark) bring headlight or flashlight

Kirchoff Fitness Studio - Pre/Post- Boot Camp Assessment

4414 Latona AVE NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Make sure you contact Chris at ckirchoff@gmail.

Stair Day!

Today is Wednesday or Capitol Hill Stair Day as it is so affectionately dubbed. I mentioned to my boot camp class today that they climbed 300 stairs not just once or twice but 5-8x and that is not including the loop of running between the Howe and Blaine ST stairs.

Find Your Zone

5 days left until the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon!!!  We have at least 30 Seattle’s Best Boot Campers/Alum and or Kirchoff Fitness PT clients that are headed to the start line!!! (warms my heartJ) My 70 year old mom is hitting the pavement too!!! Go Sumiko!!!

Many of us start a fitness progam to ‘lose weight or drop body fat’ so when the fitness industry introduced the ‘fat burning zone’, a place where we could get on a treadmill and stay in the same zone without breaking a sweat AND watch our favorite TV show, we all jumped!  In contrast to training in the fat burning zone, some decide to make the commitment to train for an event/activity….like the Rock N Roll Marathon.

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