Get out and Play with your Kids!!

OK….I have been thinking about kids lately…..why???!!! Well I am adopting a little girl from Nepal, her name will be Orion Kirchoff and it has been a long 2 and ½ years of waiting….but I am so excited!
So with kids in mind and the summer weather to enjoy, outdoor play seems like a great topic to talk about.J Most boot campers and clients know that movement is more than just what you do in the gym….it is about living a more active life. That is why I am challenging you all to get out there and play with your kids (or nieces, nephews, neighbors, or pets). Not only will it strengthen your body, it will strengthen your relationships.
Most of us remember the times our parents took us hiking, bike riding, walking the dog, or even kicking the ball around. There is something about being active with the ones you love that tend to create lasting memories.
Here are some ideas for activities you can do with the kiddos in your life….can’t wait to test this out on my own little one!
• Get to a tree as fast as you can (walk briskly, jog, run, skip, side shuffle)
• Work together as a family to climb the first branch of the tree (one person at a time)
• Get to a bench as fast as you can (walk briskly, jog, run, skip, side shuffle)
• Do 20 step ups
• Do 10 dips
• Get to the swing as fast as you can (walk briskly, jog, run, skip, side shuffle) Swing as hard and high as you can 30x
• Run up the slide and down the stairs. Repeat 10x
Take a brake (sometimes they won’t want to!!!! That is when you know you have them trained!)
Repeat the whole circuit 2 more times and go home and enjoy a glass of wine while your kids are passed out with fatigue!!
Tag Games
• 1-Leg - Everyone hops around on one leg
• Freeze - Once tagged, you stop until a partner touches you and makes you 'free' again
• Monkey/Frog - Everyone jumps around like a monkey or frog -- both the person who is 'it' as well as those not 'it'
Back yard games
With younger kids, you can also play games like Capture the Flag or Simon Says. What about playing Simon Says when Simon is calling out instructions very quickly and they include things like running to a specific spot, jumping, squatting down, standing on a single leg? It's fun and physically demanding. Create circuits that include these patterns:
• Crawl
• Climb
• Run
• Jump/Skip
• Throw/Kick

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  1. Chris!
    Fantastic news about your new daughter! Thanks for the great ideas, and for 3 great weeks.

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