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Dear World (or Seattle Fitness Fiends!),

The idea of having my own business came to me when I was about 5 years old:) better late than never, RIGHT?! And it was in 2008 when I received an award for Seattle's Magazines Best Boot Camp Instructor.... that I thought maybe it is time to work for myself. So it is official... this dream of mine has really coming to fruition. Of course it didn't just happen or I would have been in business by age 7. In this case it has taken a multitude of circumstances that have brought me to this point: I have experienced more than one career, discovered something that I am passionate about, studied and lived it. I do my best (some days are more enthusiastic than others:) everyday to be a committed fitness coach/trainer/boot camp instructor, and have had the amazing opportunity to work with a smart, strong, compassionate, extremely hardworking, successful, and complex group of people.

Helping people become healthier and happier makes the world a better place. Just the other night we had friends and family over and night they told stories- of dragging their friends to the stairs, making their colleagues workout with them, quitting smoking and challenging others to do the same, inviting their non running significant others to run walk for a cause- just to name a few. I know that my friends and family affected their friends, families, colleagues etc. Those enthusiastic, fit communities are out there progressing everyday!

People say to me all the time; Chris, I would like to get healthier, lose weight, be consistent with an exercise program, do more running (it is true there ARE people that say this), eat better, have more energy, be happier, relieve stress etc. If you REALLY want something go get it and never look back and keep working at only took me 35 years....proof that it is never too late:) To all of my clients and students out there I know that you have the strength, and courage to do anything you set your mind CAN do it! In retrospect, when pursuing my goals I had fears and sabotaging moments (you know those times when you say it is too hard, or you are conveniently motivated to do the things that come easy to you....for me-go for a jog, walk my dogs, cook, take care of my family, maybe a few lunges:). However, I have been surrounded by a community of family (pets included), friends, clients and students who inspire and motivate me everyday.

That's why I would like to say together....WE CAN DO THIS!

Thanks for your support every step of the way,


The President, Manager, Administrative Assistant, Personal Trainer....and only employee (for now!) of Kirchoff Fitness LLC!!


  1. Hi Alton,

    One great resource for sports nutrition that discusses muscle building is Nancy Clarke’s Sport’s Nutrition Guidebook. In it she discusses the benefit of Whey Protein Here is an excerpt-

    Why are protein supplements so popular?
    In today’s fast-food society,a mindless way to get healthful (no cholesterol, low fat) protein is with supplements. Protein shakes, in particular, are popular because after a strength training session, athletes may not feel hungry, but they are likely thirsty. Skim milk + banana + protein powder (or powdered milk) + sugar (for quick-acting fuel) is a simple, hassle-free way to consume the protein and carbs needed to build muscle and refuel depleted glycogen stores. Yet, protein supplements are not a whole food and fail to offer the complete package of health protective nutrients found in natural foods. Use them to supplement wise eating, not to replace it.

    What’s all the hype about whey protein?
    Whey comprises 20% of the protein found in milk; casein comprises the other 80% of the protein. The two are separated during cheese-making. (Remember Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey?)Whey used to be discarded, but today it is made into whey powder and used in a variety of protein supplements.
    Whey is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream faster than other proteins such as casein. Whey is a rich source of the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are taken up directly by the muscles instead of having to be first metabolized by the liver. Hence, whey is “fast acting” and a fairly efficient muscle energy source during exercise—plus a good source of raw materials for building muscles after exercise.
    The 20 grams of protein in a glass of (protein-fortified) skim milkoffers 1,900 mg of the BCAA leucine (@ $0.40); a serving of MetRx Ultramyosyn Whey Powder offers2,120mg leucine for a 50% higher price ($0.62). Unfortunately, whey powders often boast “very low carbs”; athletes need a foundation of carbs, with protein as the accompaniment, to optimize results from their training. Chocolate milk anyone?

  2. Do you have any advice regarding muscle building supplements? There are just so many out there hard to select a express one.

  3. Thanks so much Sean!

  4. Congrats Chris! About time 😉

    Wishing you nothing but success – but then again you already have that.

  5. Congratulations, Chris! Keep doing what you have been doing and there is no doubt your new endeavor will be a huge success!

  6. Congratulations, Chris! The website looks great and I wish you much success in your new venture continuing to help us all reach our fitness goals!

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