How to be boot camp ready!

If you’ve decided that now is the time to embark on a boot camp fitness program, then congratulate yourself on making a real effort to change your life. A boot camp can be the first step to taking your health, wellbeing and lifestyle in a totally new, or at least improved, direction. Regardless of how old you are, how fit you are or what your reasons are, whether this fitness training is a success will depend on how ‘boot camp ready’ you are so that you can get set and go!

Usually people value boot camp workouts because this style of exercise offers an intense, focused and goal-driven fitness strategy. Boot camp doesn’t have the same dipping-in-and-out flavor that working out alone entails, nor can the relaxed vibe of some fitness classes. In fact, boot camps can come as a bit of a shock to people if they don’t know what to expect. The best way to really make a difference is to not overthink whether you want to try boot camp but to jump in and give it a go. However, being prepared will always help, so here are a few tips on what to do before you start:

Get moving NOW! But not too much!

Have you ever let your nutrition slide into diet debauchery because you’re determined that you are about to start a healthy eating plan? With a boot camp looming it’s easy to become totally indolent, knowing you’ll soon be put through your paces. However, you don’t want to go from zero to 100 too quickly so some activity, exercise and healthy eating before you start can help you out. It is like someone having a tidy round the house before their cleaner arrives, just so there’s not too much hard work to do. But don’t overdo it! You don’t want to burn yourself out before you’ve got off the starting block either.

Before & after!

Once you have booked your classes and made space in your diary, you have to mentally prepare and look at your schedule on either side of your classes: boot camps are a challenge so you need preparation and cool down buffers. A big night out before a class isn’t going to do you any favors and you might want to give yourself some recovery time afterwards too. As with any exercise boot camp sessions need to smoothly integrate with your lifestyle.


Sorry if being told to hydrate is something you’ve heard before. If you’re saying, ‘yadda, yadda, yadda’, them honestly ask yourself if are actually paying attention. Many people don’t drink enough water to keep themselves hydrated during a ‘normal’ day, never mind when they are really working their body hard. Make sure you get into the habit of drinking eight glasses of water a day and up to 30 minutes to a couple of hours before you exercise. Don’t gulp down water just before you start exercising as this will make your belly jostle around and can leave you feeling nauseous! It is also a good idea to take a drink that will replace vital electrolytes after a particularly vigorous session.

Personal goals & open communication

You need focus to get the most out of boot camp and this means really taking a personalized approach to your fitness needs. However, it is important to not let this determination stop you from going into a session with an open mind and an ability to communicate, whether that’s asking questions or expressing how you feel.

Look the part and feel it too!

Do you know what you’re advised to wear for boot camp? If not then now is the time to make sure you’re kitted out in the right way. This means materials that work with your body such as layers and an exercise outfit you’re going to feel comfortable to move about in. What it’s not about is overspending on trendy exercise gear or pulling out some tattered sweats that are going to let you down. And of course, comfortable supportive footwear is a must.

Shape up your diet!

You might need a good carb snack after your training session, but before you even start your boot camp, think about the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein you are consuming. Eating healthily is not the same as going on a crash diet or following an unrealistic meal plan that you are never going to be able to sustain. It is about cutting down on fatty foods and becoming aware of what you put on your plate.

Look forward to it!

A boot camp can be exciting, exhilarating, as well as totally absorbing, engaging and satisfying. Even if some of the reasons you’re contemplating getting involved in boot camp training are seemingly negative, such as being overweight, having a PMA, (Positive Mental Attitude), can propel you along toward success!

Are you ready for boot camp? We can advise you not only on training sessions but what to expect and help answer any queries you have before you start. Get in touch before you get going!