Stair Day!

Today is Wednesday or Capitol Hill Stair Day as it is so affectionately dubbed. I mentioned to my boot camp class today that they climbed 300 stairs not just once or twice but 5-8x and that is not including the loop of running between the Howe and Blaine ST stairs. …. warms my heart.  So what?, you may say…….well it is quite a mental challenge to know you have those stairs in front of you.  You ask yourself “is it going to end?!” but these ladies just keep on going and going and going.

According to a study conducted in Northern Ireland in 2005 a group of young women who did stair climbing (199 stairs…..not the 300 that we do but who is competing?!) for an 8 week period had a 17% increase in VO2 max and an 8% increase in low density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Benefits of stair climbing- here are a few…..I’m sure you can think of more!

  • Reduces the risk of Osteoporosis

The loading applied to the bone via the muscle and tendons has a direct effect on bone formation and remodeling. Gravity is the ultimate resistance. (that is why body weight/ outdoor training is the BEST!)

  • Shreds Calories

Uses multiple muscle groups stair climbing burns approximately 500-800 Kcals per hour depending on speed, body weight etc.

  • Boosts Metabolism

Even when you are not exercising your body is burning calories working on re-oxygenating the blood, restoring body temperature, breathing, oxygen levels

  • Increases Aerobic Capacity

If you increase your aerobic capacity, you will have more lung power to exercise longer

  • Increases Anaerobic Capacity

Great cross training for various sports

  • Increases Leg Strength and Muscular endurance

Climbing up the stairs trains your legs differently than going down. Going up works on the production of force; climbing down the stairs trains your ability to control force and speed deceleration

  • Accessible

They are everywhere- around your house, office building, school, neighborhood etc.  Added bonus-the beautiful views especially after the sun rises

  • Easily Progressed

Depending on your fitness level and what your training goals are you can walk, run or jump them!

See you all on the stairs!

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