Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon Meeting

Thanks to those of you who attended our Half Marathon/Marathon meeting tonight!  It looks like an enthusiastic group!  There were about 12 that attended and a total of about 25 on our 1/2 marathon, marathon team.

There are 19 weeks until the big day.....June 26.  We discussed that you can begin your training soon 18 weeks is not too soon. Even if the plan requires 12 weeks you can start building now or double up on the weeks (repeat a week)....this is especially for those of you who have not run this distance.

It is also a good idea to do shorter events in the meantime there is a Valentine's Day 5k at Green Lake and the St. Patty's Day Dash in March.  In May the Beat the Bridge 10k is a great distance as well.

Please see the information below on training, gear, nutrition, hydration and running routes.  Remember that the training plans are can change them as you need to fit your schedule.

I will be giving Marie your contact information so she can let you know about group runs.  I will check in with you all in about a month!  Please feel free to email me with questions!

I am looking forward to running with you all in June!  Also I will be hosting a carbo load party at my house Friday 6/25....more details to come!

Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Saturday, 6/26/2010


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