Great job to my clients and boot campers this week. It is Week 2 of January 2013 camp.....It's all down hill from here.  I kid..... I kid.  We know that there will be some up and down hill (and maybe some suicide stairs and sixers in between).  Well speaking of January.....weight loss is a big topic this time of year!  I get this question all of the time....."how many total calories do I burn in a day?"

First you need to know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  Your BMR is the number if calories you burn at rest...For example, let's say you sleep in on a weekend day after a late night out. Then just hang out go to breakfast go home take a nap then kick your feet up and watch TV or get on the computer.  Eat dinner and go to bed.....not a lot of activity on that day, right. (Let's hope this is not the norm!!!)  Not everyone has the same BMR, of course. My BMR is higher than my mom's, for example, because it is influenced by age, gender, weight, and your fitness level.  Even when "at rest" your brain, muscles, digestive system, other organs are still burning calories.

Here is the formula for calculating BMR.  For those that want a quick way to do this here is an online calculator that comes pretty close.

wt = weight in pounds
ht = height in inches

MALE: 66 + (6.3 × wt) + (12.9 × ht) - (6.8 × age in years)

FEMALE: 655 + (4.3 × wt) + (4.7 × ht) - (4.7 × age in years)

Let's say your BMR is 1400 kcals

This means you would need to eat 1400 kcals calories per day just to maintain your bodyweight, even if you were on the couch all day.

However your BMR is still only 75% of your total daily calorie burning, so you can increase the number of calories burned and increase boost your metabolic rate.

What is the BEST WAY?

SEATTLE'S BEST BOOT CAMP of course:)  Doing a varied workout, including muscle building strength exercises, and by working large muscle groups using multi joint exercises. Training your cardiovascular system in a varied way- incorporating  strength, speed and endurance is important too.

Happy Year of the Snake Everyone! c

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