Burn Off Your Turkey Challenge!

We are currently burning off our turkey in my morning boot camp class!  I know it has been a few days since that turkey dinner:)  According to ACE (American Counsel on Exercise) the average American eats a 3000 calorie turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day.  Now that is just the dinner if we add up snacking and bevvys we are talking more like 4500 kcals.  What the?!!

So what are we doing about it? Well we burned about 400-500 on Monday in our fat burning metabolic circuit with some rope jumping and frog jump finishers.  Tomorrow we will embark on a butt, leg strengthener on the Capitol Hill Stairs we are shooting a little higher.....500-600 kcals:)

How about this for a challenge.....WORKOUT EVERYDAY FROM NOW UNTIL CHRISTMAS.  I am doing it! YOU CAN too:)  I encourage you to do 3 days of metabolic training- sprinting/olympic lifting/heavier weights. 2 days of harder longer cardio (30-60 min 8 on perceived exertion scale) and the other two days 30- 40 min yoga/pilates/stretch or core.  Depending on your fitness level you could be doing anything from walking slowly to swimming 2500 meters.  The main thing is that you are moving everyday until December 25th.

Here are my workouts so far: Keep in mind your workouts will vary depending on what you like.

  • 11/19 1.5 mile Run body weight circuit- push pull legs 1.5 mile run
  • 11/20 4 mile run, 800 meter swim 50 and 25 meter sprints, stretch
  • 11/21 1 hr 30 min hike up Camelback Mountain, stretch
  • 11/22 Tday pool workout and sit ups and squats with 3 yr old daughter (Orion- pro squater)
  • 11/23 Tabata Sprint, push up, lunges, squats, dips, Side Plank
  • 11/24 6 mile run 8 min mile pace
  • 11/25 5 mile run with one mile 7 min pace x 2, hill sprints core: ball- pike, circles, plank
  • 11/26 1 hour spinning, Heavy Upper Body Lift- pull ups, presses, rows, shoulders, Hill sprints with Orion (future mountain runner)
  • 11/27 Core- ball pike, jackknife, circles, sit ups plank Floor- v sit stretch, light walk jog with pups, and light jog with Orion (future cyclist) while she rides bike

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