Teresa Tenant

I like the changes in our workout environment – both indoors and outdoors, with beautiful views around the city and all different locations.

I was working out on my own at a local gym, but was tired of doing the same old things in my routine. I am not a morning person so I didn’t know how I would get up at 5 every day to start boot camp at 5:30, but I have been coming for 2 1/2 years now, and I love having my workout for the day done by 6:30am! I have a lot more strength and endurance than when I started and have also maintained a weight loss of 30lbs. Chris is always upbeat and positive during each session, and I have met a wonderful group of inspirational women who encourage each other to reach our goals. I have been challenged by a diagnosis of arthritis since I first joined and was told to stop any high impact exercise. Fortunately, this did not mean an end to boot camp. Chris always suggests alternative exercises so that any limitations can be worked around. She also makes herself available between each camp for one-on-one review of goals and progress and welcomes us to email her whenever we may have questions or concerns. I walked my first half marathon last year! I would not hesitate to recommend Seattle’s Best Boot Camp with the Kirchoff Fitness team to any of my friends!