Jennifer Dobbelaere

I will continue to brag about Chris to anyone, and refer her to anyone who needs a lifestyle change, a little variety in their exercise routine, or just wants to a great start to their day!

I have always led an active lifestyle by being in the outdoors and playing sports. After having two kids working full time, I found very little time for myself. I needed something that would make exercise a priority and fit in my schedule, and working out at 5:30am was the only way. I’ve been with Chris in her boot camp classes for almost 5 years, and she’s fantastic! I continue to be motivated to come to class because she makes exercise fun. With her knowledge and creativity, we’re always trying out new exercises that work out a variety of muscles, while she weaves in some friendly competition to make us work harder. Our mind and bodies never know what to expect. Before I realize it, the workout is over and the next day, I feel a different muscle is sore –signs of a great workout! Also, Chris has also been extremely helpful in the recovery of my IT band injury–such that I could run another marathon after 11 years, and I hit a personal record of under 4 hours.